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Our Vision

Allow SMEs to maximize its value.

Our Mission

Use our IT expertise, combined with extensive experience in business management, we are devoted to contribute to the corporate business management, work together to create the greatest value of society.

Company Background

Satetech systems is a system development company with over 10 years experience, holding a concept innovative thinking, continuous improvement, integration of intelligence, people-oriented. We are committed to providing SMEs with a comprehensive and diversified solutions to help SMEs to improve their competitiveness and to create higher value. Our R & D and customer service team are highly qualified and efficient, professional and responsible, dedicated and pragmatic, flexible and innovative. Up branch in Hong Kong, with offices in Shenzhen for business in Hong Kong and provide the most appropriate enterprise management solutions.


Satetech ERP system uses the latest management thinking and integration of design. There are more than 10 application modules covering internal resources management, supplier management , customer relationship management, knowledge management, business intelligence, etc., and can achieve inter-enterprise business collaboration and integration of e-commerce applications. In order to better meet customer business operations and processes, we offer a flexible system customization development and professional consulting services, such as processes, formats, reporting, system integration, etc. Customers transition from the old system to the ascending branch the success rate of ERP systems and satisfaction is extremely high.

Business Meeting
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