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Financial Management

Comprehensive financial settlement

Core financial functions, including financial and management accounting and reporting, and integrated accounts receivable and accounts payable management. Embedded internal control and automation process helps to speed up the end accounting tasks.


Powerful workflow and process management control functions provide a comprehensive financial settlement cycle. This control helps to reduce cycle time and resource costs - while ensuring a high level of financial reporting and compliance. Zensis systemic financial support for multiple languages ​​and currencies, as well as the International Financial Reporting Standards and regulatory requirements.

Financial and Management Accounting Management Process


Support legal, management, accounting and reporting support multiple parallel ledgers local accounting standards, IFRS, tax, and U.S. GAAP process.


Accounts Receivable:

Record and manage customer invoices and collection procedures.


Accounts Payable: Record and manage supplier invoices and payment contract.



Managing your accounts receivable processes, high-volume, repetition time or volume-based billing, as well as direct debit, settlement of lower operating costs reduce labor, improve automated recurring billing, and refused to direct payment processing in a sub-Ledger.

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