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Sales Management

Complete sales process 

Establish and inquiries anytime sales quotes, orders, and so the progress and completion status, help regulate product purchase at the time gap between sales. Plus handling general cargo remain until delivery, sales, etc., to ensure the smooth completion of the process.

Customer Management

Data Management:

Comprehensive customer management, structured to store customer details, you can always view all customer quotes, orders, invoices and payment records. But also through the system to keep abreast of the latest prices, accurate answers to customer inquiries, improve service quality, strengthen competitiveness.


Credit Management:

Customer credit management, monitoring each customer's credit and payment status, effective protection of customers and the company's transactions.

Sales Process Management

Sales Mastery time:

The use of systematic understanding of companies, customers and suppliers, in coordination with the sales quotation and order, grasp Sale. On the other hand, view sales, demand can be expected to arrange the procurement schedule.


Sales process is simple:

With the delivery and receipt of the schedule to determine the exact number of transactions of goods, a multi-currency order processing, effective management of all aspects of sales operations, will help improve market conditions, and improving profitability.


Full Sales Information:

The system saves a series of sales and returns records, and reporting. Any time the complete information for the user to view, but you can view the performance of salespersons and sales records and other documents of different information, helping the market to strategy formulation.

Product Data Management

​Data Management:

Simple handling all sorts of complex goods, including goods category, sales type, section number and coding, costs, prices, sales commission. Different goods may have its own specific pricing, customer prices.



Support for different goods costing methods, for example: FIFO, LIFO, average cost, standard cost.

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