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Satetech ERP system provides a
cost-effective, flexible and complete solution for trading firms

Full Web-based interface, simply log in through a browser without any user settings.


Anytime, anywhere, companies can grasp operating status through the network, especially for retailers, wholesalers, trading companies and sourcing companies.

ST Commerce

- A simple way to start ecommerce. 

- Run your business around the world without separate systems.

- Enabling omni-channel retailing.


Ecommerce platform delivers your brand and products to online customers instantly and wisely. With the flexible, feature-rich, single cloud-based platform, it aims to increase online revenue. 


We adhere to the people-oriented technology. We have developed a system with attention to detail, business knowledge, stability and comprehensiveness. Through an ordinary network, over one hundred concurrent users, system performance are maintained good performance. We understand that every business has its unique characteristics. In order to better meet customer business operations and processes, we also provide system customization and professional consulting services. We do everything for your business to improve efficiency, quality, value and competitiveness.

We focus on effective communication. We will appoint a project manager to work closely with you for the entire implementation process. Our project manager is responsible for communication with customers, understanding and defining the details of the project, allocation of human resources involved in the entire project, consultation with the client schedules, arrangements of staff training, follow up on customer system satisfaction, logistics management.

POS Retail System
Cloud ERP
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