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Purchase Management

Improve the procurement process

Effective management of all aspects of procurement, purchasing and receiving data via the centralized processing system, the user can query through a quick, instant understanding of the progress of purchase orders and shipment of goods is expected to arrive Sunday and late arrival of such records and to enhance the lives and freight customers settlement master.

Supplier Management

Data Management:

Comprehensive supplier management, structured storage vendor details, you can always view all supplier purchase orders and payment records. But also learn about the latest products through the system purchase price immediately and accurately to the provider to improve procurement efficiency and quality, strengthen purchasing power.

Credit Management:

Supplier credit management, compliance from suppliers of credit and payment status, effective protection of the company's transactions with suppliers.


Support for different goods costing methods, for example: FIFO, average cost, standard cost.

Procurement Process Management

Master Procurement Time:

The use of systems and suppliers to understand the current situation, with the procurement and related data, master procurement time. On the other hand, view purchases and stock situation, you can expect sales schedule.


Procurement Process Is Simple:

With the delivery and receipt of the schedule to determine the exact number of transactions of goods, a multi-currency order processing, will help improve the conditions of purchase, and improving the purchasing power.


Effectively Reduce Costs:

Record information on the supplier and the past record of the transaction in order to facilitate analysis of each vendor's material prices, allowing businesses to choose a better performance of suppliers to reduce procurement costs and improve purchasing power. Procurement more sales orders according to the customer's demand orders to suppliers, purchasing and sales progress of co-ordination, thus reducing the goods stranded situation, saving business spending.

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